Developed by Sirona Dental Systems, the versatile SIROLaser is much more compact than comparable diode lasers, yet provides optimum performance for all areas of use. The SIROLaser can be used for endodontic, periodontal, surgical or tissue-management procedures. SIROLasers are available in two models: SIROLaser Advance and SIROLaser Xtend.

The SIROLaser uses short, controlled bursts of laser energy that allow many procedures to be performed with less pain for the patient than when other types of lasers are used.

SIROLaser Benefits


A dentist may prefer using a SIROLaser to other types of lasers because it enables greater precision and more precise tissue removal, and minimal damage to surrounding tissue. There is also minimal bleeding from trauma, ensuring a better view of the area being operated on.


Patients experience the following benefits when dentists use the SIROLaser:

  • Effective protection against infection
  • Less need for anesthesia
  • Reduced post-operative discomfort
  • Minimal scarring
  • Overall faster recovery

With the advantages that it provides for both dentists and patients, SIROLaser is widely used by dental professionals in many dental procedures.

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